Monday 24 September 2018


Many people just know Beverly “Bev” Sibanda as a mere dancer. Off-stage, she is mother to a Grade Four son.

She has 10 people who look up to her for survival as a group leader. She has crossed the border to South Africa in search of greener pastures and she says it has been rosy.

Bev boasts of a beautiful home and she says it is through hard work. She also has a commuter omnibus in her name to boost her income.

Bev, 27, says she is not quitting anytime soon saying she still has more years in the industry.

“Not anytime soon. I’m still young and still have more years on the dance floor,” she said.

“When I’m out there, I miss my home, as you can see it is beautiful. This is all hard work. When you have a child, you will know how to save and make meaningful investments,” she said.

Bev said some have demonised her line of trade as dirty dancing characterised by racy dressing.

“I don’t care what they say. They say dirty dancing but this is what is paying the bills,” she said.

Bev has been caught in several controversies, being linked with several men. She said marriage is not her priority at the moment.

“Zvekuroorwa (Getting married) not now,” she said.

Bev understands the controversy associated with her line of work and says it is only a few bad apples that tarnish the name of dancers.

“Those who charge paltry fees are the ones tarnishing the industry. How can a group of 11 people charge $40 for a show? They end up engaging in prostitution with patrons which tarnish the name of dancers,” she said.

Bev said men are her biggest followers locally, which make women jealous mainly because of her flexibility and they think she is after their men.

The Sexy Angels boss said women should not be worried as she is only doing her work.

She said the case is different in South Africa, with women making a huge number of her fans.

“I have more male fans here and this makes women jealous. They think I’m after their men but that is not the case. This is just work and after that I go home.

“In South Africa, women follow my shows more which makes it different from the case here,” she said.

Pictures of her in the company of former president Robert Mugabe’s son, Robert Junior, have circulated and some people thought they were lovers.

“Those were just pictures and nothing more. We met at the Buffalo Souljah show and people were having pictures with him,” she said.

She revealed that Robert offered to sponsor her with uniforms.

“He (Robert) promised to sponsor me with uniforms,” she said.

Despite being in South Africa for financial gain, Bev said she is wary of security. She said this has seen her having to pay her people after every show.

“When we are here, I pay my members on Sunday after all the weekend shows but in South Africa I give them after the show because of security. You can lose all the money there,” she said.

She said she is going back to South Africa for the last time.

“I think I’m going back for the last time and I will be back for good. There are better contracts there and you get your money as per agreement. You don’t have to dance for long as what happens here,” she said.

She said as she is in South Africa, her plans are to invest locally.

“The idea is to get as much to invest here. I’m thinking of reopening my clothing shop,” she said. Daily News


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