Wednesday 8 August 2018


Gweru City Council has resolved to compensate unpaid workers by allocating them residential stands.

In an interview, the city’s spokesperson, Mr Manford Gambiza, said the local authority and its workers reached an agreement of compensation for unpaid salaries.

“An agreement was reached by the council and workers to settle the arrears by the council to its employee,” he said.

“We agreed to replace the owed money by allocating stands to each and every owed worker.”

Mr Gambiza said the stands varied in size from 200sq to 300sq.
Meanwhile, Mr Gambiza said the council was in the process of settling debts with service providers which had accumulated to $45 million.

“As the council we are currently owing more that $45 million to our service providers and it has made water supply, roads rehabilitation, sewer reticulation and solid waste management to be poorly delivered,” said Mr Gambiza. Herald


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