Friday 24 August 2018


A MAN from Kamativi allegedly fatally axed his wife while their nine-year-old daughter watched, before hanging himself following a domestic feud.

Gift Mupande (37) of Lwanzi village, under Chief Saba allegedly struck Josephine Munkuli (41) several times with an axe and she died on the spot.

The incident happened on Wednesday at around 4AM. After the gruesome killing, Mupande rushed to his mother, Esther Mupande’s homestead, and told her he was having a misunderstanding with his wife.

He dashed off, only to be found hanging from a tree about 200 metres away from his home.
Matabeleland North police spokesperson Chief Inspector Siphiwe Makonese said Mupande killed his wife over an undisclosed dispute.

“I can confirm we received a report of a man who killed his wife by axing her several times in the head before he went on to hang himself on a tree about 200 metres away from his home,” she said.
Chief Insp Makonese warned members of the public against violence and taking their own lives.
She urged people to engage third parties such as the police, family and church elders for counselling when in dispute than resorting to violence. “Sadly this man committed this gruesome murder in front of their child and this is tormenting her.

“We urge members of the public to learn to engage third parties for counselling and to resolve disputes than resorting to violence.

“Two lives have been lost now yet their problems could have been resolved amicably,” said Chief Insp Makonese.

The community leader, Chief Saba, said: “The couple had a misunderstanding resulting in the wife deciding to leave their matrimonial home with their nine-year-old child.

“Mupande decided to follow the two and caught up with them while in Mr Samson Musaka’s field where he attacked Munkuli in front of their child.

“He struck her once on the head, above the right ear and she fell to the ground. He further struck her on the head while she lay down and she died on the spot”.

Chief Saba said Mupande rushed to his mother’s home whom he only advised that he was having a serious misunderstanding with his  wife.

“Without telling her what he had done, he only mentioned having a misunderstanding and the mother assigned his young brother to go back with him and try to resolve their squabble. Mupande immediately dashed out of their home.

“His brother, who followed him a few minutes later, found him hanging from a tree a few metres from his home.

“He informed neighbours and together they searched for his wife and child and found the child seated next to her mother’s body in Musaka’s fields,” he said.

The bodies were taken to Hwange Colliery Hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem. Chronicle 


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