Friday 31 August 2018


A BULAWAYO woman lost about $2 700 to five knife-brandishing thugs who kidnapped her and later threw her out of a speeding vehicle.

Ms Memory Mapasure (30) of Matshobane suburb had just collected the money at the Fort Street and 10th Avenue Western Union branch on Saturday around 12PM.

The five who appeared to have been waiting for her, bundled a bewildered Ms Mapasure into a Toyota Corolla and crashed into a parked car before speeding off with a squeal of tyres.

Her legs were hanging from the car and she was dragged on the road, resulting in her sustaining a fractured leg and twisted ankle.

Narrating her hair-raising ordeal to the Chronicle yesterday, Ms Mapasure said her attackers stuffed a rag into her mouth when she tried to scream.

“I had just collected money which was sent by my relative who is based abroad. I put the US$2 700 and $60 bond into a satchel,” said Ms Mapasure, whose right leg was encased in a plaster.

“Suddenly, a man grabbed my hand, seized my satchel and shoved me inside a car. I was still trying to figure out what was happening when the car crashed into a parked vehicle, reversed and sped off.” She said everything happened fast.

“There were five men in the car. My legs were hanging outside while they drove off at high speed. I screamed for help,” she said.

Her kidnappers, she said, tried to snatch the satchel from her grip but she held on to it.
“For some minutes I held on to the satchel. One of them pulled me into the car and shoved me between two men. The guy throttled me. I had to release the satchel as I choked. One of them stuffed a rag into my mouth,” said Ms Mapasure.

“One of them produced a knife and threatened to stab me saying anoda kuurayiwa uyu (this one wants to be killed),” said Ms Mapasure.

She said the driver of the car that the criminals had bumped into gave chase in his vehicle.
“Seeing that a car was following, they pushed me out of their vehicle around 13th Avenue. I hit the road hard with my hip and rolled several times. I felt a very sharp pain in my right leg. I was told later in hospital that it was broken. I also had multiple bruises on my hands and body,” said Ms Mapasure.

She said a man who only identified himself as Mr Mugiche rushed her to Bulawayo Central Police Station where she reported the matter.

“Mr Mugiche rushed me to United Bulawayo hospitals where I was treated and discharged,” she said, Chronicle


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