Saturday 4 August 2018


President Mnangagwa has pledged to serve all Zimbabweans irrespective of political affiliation following his election to the Presidency in the harmonised elections on Monday.

He also promised to set up a team to probe violence instigated by MDC-Alliance, culminating in the death of six people in Harare on Wednesday.

The President-elect was addressing a Press conference at State House in Harare yesterday during which he stated that no democratic process was flawless.

“I pledge to be the President of all Zimbabweans. A President of those that voted for me and those who did not. For both must be made to belong and to participate in national processes,” he said in his first Press conference since he was officially declared the winner of the harmonised elections of July 30.

He said his main rival in the presidential election, MDC-Alliance’s Nelson Chamisa also had a crucial role to play in Zimbabwe’s present and future.

“To Nelson Chamisa, I want to say; You have a crucial role to play in Zimbabwe’s present and its unfolding future,” the President said.

“Let us both call for peace and unity in our land, call for both, should be louder than ever. That is the role of leaders. That is our joint responsibility even though discharged and fulfilled differently,” he said.

President Mnangagwa urged Zimbabweans to be united despite their political differences.
“To all Zimbabweans, let me say that although we were divided at the polls, we are now united in the aftermath of the democratic process, indeed in our dreams and in our aspirations.

“Though some will inevitably be disappointed with the outcome, I urge everyone to be calm and peaceful and to look forward. To remember that we are all brothers and sisters and that this land is all we have,” the President said.

“Now is the time for us to come together as one, to work as one people. Sharing one dream, one destiny,” President Mnangagwa added.
He also said it was everyone’s wish that Zimbabwe succeeds, which requires unity among all Zimbabweans.

He repeated his pledge to be a listening President and thanked Zimbabweans for showing their faith in his leadership.

“Now that the people have spoken I hear your call. I pledge to be a listening President, a fair President, a responsible and inclusive leader,” he said.

“I thank you the people of Zimbabwe for putting your faith in me to lead you for the next five years. I pray that I prove worthy of your trust,” he said.

“The time for politics is now behind us. Now begins the time for work and progress. A season for greater peace and harmony in our nation,” said President Mnangagwa.

The President also said following the events of November last year, the country had witnessed an unprecedented blossoming of freedom and democracy, which culminated in the historic harmonised elections held on Monday.

He thanked Zimbabweans for the peaceful nature they carried out their campaigns.
“The campaign was hard-fought, competitive and at times heated. This is as it should be in a democracy. The voting itself was conducted in a peaceful and transparent manner,” he said.

“With the eyes of the world on us, we delivered a free, fair and credible election, as we had always promised. Of course there were some challenges. No democratic process is flawless. Ours was no exception,” President Mnangagwa said.

Meanwhile the President condemned the violence that was perpetuated by MDC-Alliance activists in the Harare CBD that led to the death of six people.

“While the violence of the last few days must be condemned loudly, it is incumbent upon us all to focus on the positive steps our country has made in spite of that tragic setback,” he said.

The President said once sworn in he would set up an independent probe team comprising eminent locals and foreigners to investigate the incident and that he would make the findings public.

He also justified the intervention of the army saying the police was overwhelmed by the mob that engaged in wanton destruction of property and beating up of innocent pedestrians. Herald


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