Wednesday 29 August 2018


POLICE officers manning a roadblock along Seke Road near St Mary’s in Chitungwiza allegedly shot and injured a 30-year-old woman after the driver of the vehicle in which she was travelling in reportedly refused to stop at a roadblock.

Loveness Chiriseri, who had hitched a lift to town in a blue Honda Fit on August 19, ended up being admitted to Chitungwiza General Hospital nursing a bullet wound after being shot.

Chiriseri said the police officer fired at the car after the driver failed to stop at the roadblock and one of the bullets hit her.

“I left home around 10am and got into a blue Honda Fit which had no number plates and was written ‘for sale’ as I was going for a lesson” she said.

“Upon approaching the roadblock, the driver slowed down, but then proceeded past the roadblock. I think he then changed his mind and stopped within a distance of less than 100 metres. That is when the officer with a gun fired two shots. I don’t know where the other shot went, but the second hit the car seat and my right buttock.”

Her medical records signed by a Doctor Garapo showed that she was nursing a gunshot wound.

“Patient who sustained above injury after a bullet ricocheted from a car and hit patient who was a passenger,” her medical record read.

Chiriseri said the police have been mum over the incident and she was being forced to pay for her medical bills, which have gone over $500.

“The police are behaving like nothing happened. I am paying for my medical bills and they have not even made an effort to find out what happened to me. I am suffering emotionally and financially owing to actions of a trigger-happy police officer,” she said.

The driver of the Honda Fit, Lloyd Sibanda, was arrested for failure to comply with police instructions and is currently out on bail.

He refused to speak on the matter, saying he was in shock.

Chiriseri, who is currently bed-ridden, said Sibanda was also helping her with medical bills.

Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi promised to make enquiries about the case, but his phone was no longer being answered later during the day. Newsday


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