Tuesday 14 August 2018


Flashy businessman Wicknell Chivayo has spoken about his stay in remand prison, describing the days as long.

After his release on $2 000 bail, Chivayo took to Instagram in his usual style but this time not showing off but turning to God.

“Eight long days … What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger....I’m destined for greatness,” he wrote as he posted a picture of him getting into a prison truck.

“Trust God even when you don’t understand your circumstances. The purpose of our struggles is to refine us,” he said in another post.

The 39-year-old also went on to post a picture story of him spending time with his son John Chenjera.
Chivayo paid $2 000 to temporarily secure his freedom after he was granted bail by the High Court on Friday.

He had been confined to remand prison after he was denied bail by the Harare Magistrates’ Courts on Monday on grounds that he was a flight risk.

Chivayo and his company — Intratek Zimbabwe (Private) Limited — are being charged with fraud, money laundering and contravening two sections of the Exchange Control Act.

In bail conditions, Chivayo was ordered to reside at his given address, report to the police twice a week and he also surrendered the title deeds of a property worth $700 000.
He will appear at Harare Magistrates’ Courts on August 17 for his routine remand hearing.

But his arrest inspired adverts with a local bank making fun of his love for shoes and how he wasted money for electricity on shoes.

“Haikona kuzotenga bhutsu nemari yemagetsi (Do not buy shoes with money meant for electricity), 
Simply dial *247# to buy ZETDC tokens anytime,” the advert read with a pile of shoes next to the inscription.

The flamboyant businessman came under pressure in recent months to defend the power deals that he signed with power utility Zesa Holdings and its subsidiary, the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC).
This was after it had emerged that Intratek had failed to deliver on the contracts.
Among the deals, the burly businessman — who is often referred to by his associates as Sir Wicknell — was awarded a $200 million tender for the Gwanda Solar Project.

Chivayo, who over the past few months seemed untouchable and bragged about flying first class and known for splashing wads of United States dollars on social media, was said to have been advanced $5 million for the project’s pre-commencement works.

The controversial businessman often posts pictures of himself with senior ruling Zanu PF officials such as President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Kembo Mohadi among others. The State is alleging that sometime in 2012, ZPC resolved to increase its national grid.

A feasibility study was carried out and a tender was floated in August 2013 for the installation of a 100 Megawatt solar power plant in Gwanda.

The tender was awarded to a Chinese company China Jianxi at a cost of $183 million.
Chivayo participated in the tender with a bid of $248 million which was ranked third lowest but it was, however, alleged his accomplice, former Energy minister Samuel Undenge, interfered with the process and directed ZPC to award the tender to Chivayo and his company.
He reportedly won the tender at $172 848 597.

The court was told that on October 23, 2015 ZPC acted on the misrepresentation and signed a contract with Chivayo for implementation of the project. It was alleged that ZPC released
$5 607 814, 24 into Intratek bank account for the project to take off but allegedly converted or transferred the money into various individual and company accounts.

He was also authorised by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to load $849 479 into his visa cards for the importation of earth-moving equipment in the US for construction works at Gwanda Solar Project
However, it was alleged Chivayo did not import anything. As a result, ZPC suffered prejudice of $5 607 814, 24 and nothing was recovered. Daily News


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