Wednesday 1 August 2018


The July 30 harmonised elections have been the best ever in the past two decades with over 80 percent of registered voters casting their ballots on Monday. This, according to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, was a result of the opening up of democratic space by President Mnangagwa’s administration with voters turning up in their numbers at the various polling centres across the country.

In interview yesterday, ZEC media committee chairperson Mrs Joyce Kazembe said: “The election process, given the hype, were done very well. Presidential results are supposed to be announced within five days, but we are hoping to do that earlier than that. Only a few logistics left.”

“The turnout out of the 5,6 million plus registered voters was the best ever with between 75-80 percent people having voted nationally.”

Mrs Kazembe said the voter turnout was quite high for any election anywhere in the world.
“People campaigned freely, democratic space was utilised well.

“The general peace that prevailed contributed immensely. No violence and also the hype within people especially on the issue of change, the excitement on the new presidential candidates and promises that were being made was a game changer.”
Mrs Kazembe said the MDC-Alliance also brought excitement to the electorate.
She said the commission dealt with multiple registrants ahead of the plebiscite.
“We did what we could using the duplication software, however, it came a bit late since we had a pending court case.

“Those that had multiple registrants and failed to turn up during the inspection period which ran for about 11 days were put on the exclusion list.

“The prospective voters who were reachable we made effort to contact them and give them an option to choose which areas they preferredr to vote from.”

Zimbabweans on Monday took to the polls in their millions with the elections being conducted in a peaceful manner. Herald


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