Tuesday 31 July 2018


Local artistes yesterday joined the rest of the country in casting their ballots to choose a President, members of parliament and councillors. The plebiscite was held in a relatively peaceful environment.

From as early as 5AM, people were already in queues waiting patiently for their turn to vote. Among the artistes who voted was dub poet, Albert Nyathi who cast his vote in Harare under the Harare West constituency ward 14. Speaking after voting, he commended Zimbabweans as the election mood was peaceful.

“I just voted and I’m loving the peacefulness of these elections. I was once in Denmark during their elections in 1994 and it was also peaceful.

“I’m proud that Zimbabweans have shunned violence from the time political parties were campaigning to voting day where the people voted peacefully,” said Nyathi who is based in Harare.

Veteran modelling instructor Sarah Mpofu-Sibanda who is hard at work preparing for the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe finale said she took time off to go and vote with the future of her children in mind. She cast her vote at the Victoria Falls Garage under the Bulawayo East constituency for Ward 2 and said everything went well.

“It felt right to help decide who leads the country that I’m so passionate about, for the next five years. The atmosphere at the voting polling station where I cast my vote was very serene and I didn’t feel pressured to put my ‘X’ on someone else’s chosen box.

“Not only is it my future I’m helping shape, but also that of my children and future generations. Whatever the results, I’m happy I played my part.
“I’m from the old school generation and have been lucky to have witnessed three types of Zimbabwean lifestyles under different governments. My hope is to get a progressive government that has its people at heart and a country conducive to live and do business in,” said Mpofu-Sibanda.

Axe-wielding musician Madlela Skhobokhobo voted in Nkulumane at Queen Elizabeth Primary School and described the process as quick and efficient. He said this was his 
second time to vote after initially doing so when he was 18 years old.

“I want to be part of the people who’ll help decide the direction of the country. I didn’t encounter any problems when I voted,” said Madlela who is now the OneWallet brand ambassador for the southern region.

Interestingly, a lot of artistes were first time voters like comedian Carl Joshua Ncube who is now based in Victoria Falls. At 39 years, Carl was excited at voting and called himself a “virgin voter”. He also took time to update his followers on his experience by constantly giving regular updates of how the process was going on social media.
Carl was accompanied to vote by his wife Nelsy and they voted at Baobab Primary School in Hwange West constituency, ward 3.

“I’m 39 and Zimbabwe is 38 and I’d never voted until today. For all these years, there was never a choice on who to vote for but this time, there’s a point and there’s a choice,” said Carl Joshua.

It was also comedian Clive Chigubhu’s first time to vote and he did so in Bulawayo at Barbourfields Primary School, Makokoba constituency Ward 8. He said although it took him two hours to vote, he was patient.

“I queued for two hours. We’re used to queuing so it wasn’t a problem,” he said.
“I cast my vote because for starters, it’s my democratic right and secondly, to secure a future for my children. It was my first time to feel proud to put in an ‘X’ as my voice and it’s the greatest feeling ever,” said Chigubhu.

Zimbabwe’s hottest hip hop property, ASAPH said he was among those who woke up early to cast their vote yesterday at the Bulawayo City Hall under the Bulawayo Central constituency. He was also voting for the first time.

“Voting today felt great. It was my first time and I feel this is the most important election we’ve had. As a young person, I’m glad that I took part in deciding on the type of Zimbabwe I want to live in.

“Now we wait for results,” said ASAPH.
He said the process went very well as he waited for 40 minutes before he was ushered into the polling station. When he was in, he was done in under five minutes. Chronicle


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