Thursday 10 May 2018


Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube has opened up about the “weird” relationship between him and his wife Nelsy who doubles as his manager.

This comes as Nelsy had just been discharged from a Victoria Falls hospital after she had suffered from chest pains.

The couple had just performed at the Harare International Festival of Arts (Hifa), where Carl went live on Facebook with a CNN Africa producer revealing details about how the couple relates.

“She is my wifanger coz(sic) we don’t know where the manager starts and the wife ends, it’s such a weird relationship like we have our meetings before we even get out of bed and it’s like it’s strange, she’s going through the diary and she’s like are you gonna do this or should I put on my pyjamas first,” Carl said.

Nelsy who used to work on a cruise ship, left it to manage the comedian and their other projects.

The two got married in the Bahamas in 2012 after Carl proposed to Nelsy during a comedy show. She initially thought it was a joke but realised it was serious.

“Yes that was the cheapest way to buy an engagement ring, people had not bought the tickets in advance so had to propose without the ring and when the money came we had more shows to pay for and she never got the ring until like two years later, which was sad,” he said.

Carl proposed in front of the crowd while performing during a show dubbed “The Big Announcement” in Harare.

The two then “spontaneously” tied the knot while on a cruise ship tour after two years.

Carl said when he started comedy; there were so many restrictions on what topics he could joke about so in the end he just stuck to talking about his wife.

The two are currently running a restaurant in the resort town of Victoria Falls on the banks of the Zambezi and are planning on opening a comedy club called the Zambezi. House of Laughter. Daily News


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