Tuesday 13 March 2018


ZANU-PF will soon launch its election manifesto as the party gears up for the upcoming general elections.

Zanu-PF national political commissar Lieutenant General Engelbert Rugeje (Retired) said the Politburo would deliberate on the manifesto today before it’s sent for publication.

“While this is work in progress, the manifesto is at an advanced stage. The technical committee that was looking into it has submitted its deliberations to the Politburo.

“The Politburo has been deliberating on it and will continue tomorrow for conclusion.
“As soon as it’s concluded we’ll send it for publication and decide on the date of the launch,” said Lt Gen Rugeje while addressing the party’s Matabeleland regional leadership during a commissariat workshop held in Bulawayo yesterday.

He said the party’s manifesto would be a simple document that that is clear and easy to understand.
“It has to be as simple as possible. We want a document that is easy to understand and takes on board where we came from, what we have achieved, where we’re going as a political party and what we intend to achieve when the generality of the people gives us a new mandate after the general elections,” said Lt Gen Rugeje.

He advised provincial leaders to shelve the restructuring exercise and concentrate on aligning their structures to polling stations.
“At the beginning of the year I issued a circular advising provinces to conduct elections from cell, branch, district and provincial level, but we later gave an instruction that these elections were supposed to be stopped.

“For those who have held elections we’ll respect that and take it as it is but for those who had not done anything they have to stop. Our strategy now is to make sure that we align the cell structures to the polling stations. If we don’t have properly structured cells then we’re not assured of winning the elections,” Lt Gen Rugeje said.

He said the commissariat will set a day where all cells will verify their structures and make sure that every party member knows their polling station adding that party regalia would soon be delivered to all provinces.

Lt Gen Rugeje urged the party to remain focused ahead of the upcoming elections and not be intimidated by opposition parties.

“Let’s not be afraid or submit to defeat. We’ve participated in elections for a long time and we’ve been winning because we’re experienced. Some party members are developing cold feet but there’s nothing new.

“If our opponents realise that we’re afraid they’ll gain confidence and come in full force. Let’s remain aggressive, stand firm and united. We’re definitely going to win this election. Opposition party leaders such as Nelson Chamisa are just kids,” he said.

Lt Gen Rugeje added that the party will initiate its own voter registration programme that will assist in mobilising more potential voters to register.

“There are statistics that are available from Zec regarding the number of registered voters. In some provinces we’re happy but in others we’re not. We have decided to initiate our own party programmes that will assist us in mobilising our potential voters to register.

“We’ll give 2 000 litres of fuel to every province for the exercise to start. The rural provinces will receive an additional 3 000 litres at a later stage to cater for the longer distances that they travel to reach out to the people,” he said.

Lt Gen Rugeje said he was happy that the ruling party had the backing of all the churches in the country. Chronicle


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