Saturday 31 March 2018


Deliberately I chose not to run for office as an independent candidate because I am a staunch advocate for a grand coalition (involving political parties & other organizations/movements). Not only that, it's a public secret that I support and obviously serve my brother and mentor Nelson Chamisa.

I worked with some of these guys who are going to run for council seats under POVO. Our efforts towards pushing to be absorbed into the alliance did not yield much. No headway could be made.

My honest position is that both sides have somewhat valid reasons.

In as much I have misgivings over the manner in which the process was handled, I still resolutely believe that we need to fight ZANU - PF from one corner rather than in silos. The proliferation of political parties and independent candidates is concerning and in some cases senseless. Admittedly, there are justifiable reasons in some instances. After all, everyone has the right to make any form of political choices within the confines of our constitution.

Bar the skullduggery, kindergarten pettiness and even myopic resistance I have encountered in my quest to contribute from the standpoint of convergence or even to merely serve the people's President, Chamisa, I will continue doing my utmost best. Besides, it is my belief that leadership does not start and end in council or Parliament. I don't need to be in Parliament to prove my leadership mettle. I will lead and be the change where I am.

Ultimately, it will be amiss for me to watch while false conjectures and explanations are proffered regarding some of these individuals. I have read with disdain how individuals like Mawarire are being lampooned by some as ZANU - PF agencies for choosing to run as independent candidates. Based on what I know, having been involved in some of these processes one way or another, I can categorically confirm that these are merely individuals who feel they can contribute towards changing people's lives.

Of course, I don't agree with the path they chose. To me, a grand coalition/alliance is what we need to dismantle ZANU - PF but I find politics premised on lies and dishonor detestable.

I wish these POVO guys all the best. 


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