Monday 26 March 2018


A STORM is brewing in the MDC Alliance following reports that the MDC-T is encroaching into constituencies allocated to its coalition partners, particularly Transform Zimbabwe (TZ).

TZ leader, Jacob Ngarivhume confirmed the development yesterday, saying the matter was raised during his opposition’s inaugural congress in Harare at the weekend. The party was allocated 19 parliamentary seats to contest without challenge from other MDC Alliance partners.

“At our congress we got representation from our various provinces about progress we are making, and we got reports that the MDC-T is conducting primary elections for council and parliamentary constituencies that were allocated to Transform Zimbabwe,” Ngarivhume said.

“There are strong complaints and resistance from our provinces as far as that move by the MDC-T is concerned, so we are compiling all the information and delegates are making a decision on what needs to be done to deal with the situation,” he said.

“When we got wind of this development, our negotiating team took the matter to the MDC-T and, as the president, I am also taking it up to the highest level of the principals forum. This needs to be discussed urgently because it is building a lot of resistance among the structures and there hasn’t been co-operation from our partners as well as far as the issue is concerned.”

Contacted for comment yesterday, MDC-T acting chairman, Morgen Komichi challenged Ngarivhume to formally approach the MDC Alliance leadership and raise his concerns.

“People sit and discuss issues. So far, they haven’t approached us and they must present their case formally. There are platforms at the alliance level to air those concerns to the alliance president. Right now I will not confirm because I have not seen the official complaint,” he said.

The MDC Alliance is made of seven opposition parties and is led by MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa.
At its congress, TZ elected a substantive leadership and launched a policy document, Industrialisation, Good Governance, National Integration, Inclusive Society, Transformational leadership and Empowered Society (Ignite) to also serve as its election manifesto.

“We are selling what we potentially are going to do for the people of Zimbabwe once they elect us. This policy will restart the economy of our beloved Zimbabwe,” Ngarivhume said.

He said they will be taking the Zanu PF government head-on regarding issues of levelling the political playing field ahead of general elections expected in July this year.

“When Mnangagwa talks of free, fair and credible elections, we want that followed by practical steps. There are outstanding electoral reforms that we have been calling on as the opposition and unless something changes on the ground, we take his words as rhetoric,” Ngarivhume added.

He said laws such as Public Order and Security Act and Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act tilted the electoral field in Zanu PF’s favour. Newsday


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