Sunday 18 March 2018


POLICE in Bulawayo yesterday arrested three suspected armed robbers after opening fire, leaving two of the suspects injured.

The three, who are suspected to be linked to a spate of robberies in the city, were nabbed after a tip off while drinking at Highlanders Sports Club. 

Police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango yesterday said she had not received the report.

According to patrons at the sports club, police officers stormed the club house and apprehended the suspects who had been drinking there.

“Armed police officers stormed the club house and the three men tried to run away. This resulted in the police officers shooting towards their direction when they were outside the club house and two of them were injured.

“They were apprehended. I think the police received a tip off from members of the public,” said a patron who refused to be named.

Cases of armed robberies have been on the rise in Bulawayo. Police have since confirmed that at least five cases were reported in the last few weeks.

On Friday evening, three men, one armed with a pistol pounced at TM supermarket in North End suburb.

The robbers ordered everyone to lie down before ransacking tills and making away with a yet to be ascertained amount of money.

The robbers pounced minutes just before the shop closed and started ordering till operators to hand over money they had before fleeing in a white Mazda Demio.

Two days earlier, six gun-toting men raided Choppies Supermarket in Bulawayo’s Pumula South suburb before getting away with more than $700.

The suspects entered the shop disguised as shoppers and one of them assumed a position at the door, fired a shot in the air before ordering everyone to lie down.

The other five ransacked the tills in less than two minutes and the robber manning the door reportedly fired three more shots while ordering everyone to continue facing down and not to move an inch before the gang made off in a getaway car.

Insp Simango is on record urging shop owners to increase security at their premises and to avoid keeping large sums of money in their tills especially towards closing times. Chronicle


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