Friday 16 March 2018


ZANU-PF had to recall former President Mr Robert Mugabe from power as he was now failing to discharge his duties because of negative influence from his young wife, Grace, the party secretary for administration Dr Obert Mpofu, said yesterday.

Addressing thousands of party supporters at Nabushome Primary School in Hwange District during President Mnangagwa’s rally, Dr Mpofu, who is also Minister of Home Affairs and Umguza MP, said the intervention by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), which ushered in a new political dispensation last November, was timely.

“We had to recall former President Mugabe because he was failing to perform his duties. His source of downfall was his young wife (Grace). That’s why I always say danela esalukazini sakho ngoba uzathwala nzima (rather stick to your aged wife and avoid problems),” said Dr Mpofu, drawing laughter from the bumper crowd.

“Ungagijimisana laboMankhri bazakwenza ube lesiyezi (if you pursue young women, they will be your downfall). It was evident that the former President had become confused and he started persecuting Cde Mnangagwa for nothing.”He recalled how President Mnangagwa was humiliated and demonised by the former First Lady during the party’s provincial youth interface rallies before being fired unceremoniously from both his posts as Vice President of the country and Zanu-PF second secretary.

“But the people, the military and the party resisted that. Even Parliament stood up and reacted with a move to impeach the former President. The Zanu-PF central committee also took action and recalled Mugabe who, seeing he had nowhere to turn, tendered his resignation,” said Dr Mpofu.

He said Mr Mugabe demise was sweet news to the generality of Zimbabweans and the world at large.
“So, that is why we are in this new dispensation and those who are opposed to it are lost. The ZDF intervention was timely because this country was losing direction. All meetings were now being held to insult people,” said Dr Mpofu.

In his address President Mnangagwa jokingly referred to Dr Mpofu’s remarks saying the era of insults was over as the former First Lady was now confined to her home. The President said he remained calm despite repeated insults by Mrs Mugabe as he realised that she lacked wisdom. Chronicle


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