Thursday 29 March 2018


PRIMARY and Secondary Education minister, Paul Mavima yesterday said the government is looking for potential partners to construct 2 056 schools.

Officially launching the CBZ schools debate championship in Harare, Mavima said the government also wanted to improve infrastructure at the existing schools throughout the country.

“CBZ, if you can accord us $2 billion in order to develop this infrastructure, we can offer you a very risk free payment programme on the basis of an infrastructure fund that we are developing,” he said.

“We understand that infrastructure development is an inter-generation pursuit. The current generation can benefit, but future generations will be also be looking for it. Typically, a school can survive for even 200 years, so there is no way in which the people of Zimbabwe would fail to pay if you invest now into to the development of our infrastructure.”

Mavima also appealed for Information Communication Technology gadgets to computerise schools across the country.

“I need to computerise our schools to 100% in the next three to five years,” he said.

“I am looking for partners, who can give us money now and then that can be recouped over a period of say three to four years when we need to renew these gadgets.”

Mavima applauded CBZ Holdings and its partners, the Institute of African Knowledge and National Association of Primary Heads for launching the Schools Debate Champions, which was in line with the revised curriculum, where there was emphasis on empowering scholars with practical skills.

“Our curriculum framework 2015 to 2022 transforms the further logical approach from being teacher centric to being leaner centric, where the leaners should be inspired to discover and even generate own knowledge rather than always been pull fed by the teacher.

“We urge the structuring of this debate to inspire this mode of knowledge acquisition on issues that have currency globally and for our transforming economy in society,” he said.

Mavima said moulding pupils should begin at an early age, the age at which the mastering concept is easiest and at which one once positive habit have been learnt becomes a part of the leaner for life.

CBZ acting group chief executive officer, Peter Zimunya, in a speech read on his behalf by business banking divisional director, Molly Dingani, said the financial institution was keen to partner with the community in grooming future leaders. Newsday


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