Friday 16 March 2018


THE Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has denounced corruption among its staff amid reports some officers are charging an unsanctioned $10 document processing fee.

The tax authority yesterday distanced itself from such corrupt dealings and urged members of the public to swiftly report those involved in such criminal behaviour.

“Zimra notes with concern that some Zimra officers are charging clients $10 as processing, facilitation or handling fees for clearance of documents submitted or required by clients,” said the tax authority in a statement.

“Zimra sincerely apologises to the affected clients and the public, and would like to categorically state that the authority is not part of such daylight robbery and corrupt underhand dealings.”

Zimra urged members of the public to report any corrupt activities by its officials in order to curb the scourge. The authority has been on a drive to root out corruption, which had tarnished the organisation’s image. Corruption is a major contributor to revenue leakages, which prejudice the state of millions of dollars in uncollected taxes.

The anti-corruption crusade, which ran from last year, has contributed immensely to improved tax compliance. Last year, Zimra suspended 21 officials and recovered $120 million through its anti-corruption drive following tip-offs from members of the public. 

Recently, President Mnangagwa made a strong statement against corruption, saying his Government would not consider friendship in its fight against the vice as no one is above the law.

The President is on record as urging all Government departments to weed out corruption as it slows down progress. Herald 


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