Thursday 29 March 2018


A HARARE magistrate has issued warrants of arrest for two police officers after they allegedly failed to appear in court for the trial of their Marondera colleagues, who allegedly unleashed dogs on them during a fight over rights to guard Cynthian Gold Mine in Goromonzi.

Assistant Inspector Trymore Hofisi and Constable Tafadzwa Hove, who are complainants in the case, were supposed to appear before magistrate Rumbidzai Dzumbira as complainants in the trial of Samuel Chinsela (29) and Obey Navaya (22).

Chinsela and Navaya, both from Marondera Police Station, are being charged with disorderly conduct after they set dogs on their colleagues while fighting to provide security duties at the gold mine.
Allegations against Chinsela and Navaya are that on July 29 last year, they were part of the team that was deployed to beef up security at Cynthian Mine in Chief Chinamhora’s area, Goromonzi.

The State alleges on August 1, the situation at the mine was now calm and all police stations from Marondera, Chinamhora and Juru were ordered to stand down, leaving just a few officers to monitor the situation.

This allegedly did not go down well with Chinsela and Navaya, who suspected they were being pushed out of the site. Chinsela allegedly started threatening to set dogs on Hofisi, who was part of the command responsible for the deployment.

It is alleged Navaya joined in and they both proceeded to the windlass, where Lovemore Peter and other two male adults were receiving gold ore from the mine shaft. Chinsela again threatened to set the dogs on them if they remained there.

The State alleges all the mine employees and police officers took to their heels in different directions as Chinsela and Navaya charged at them.

Chinsela allegedly set the dog on Hove, who is also alleged to have unleashed his dog on the accused.
Hofisi and Hove allegedly suffered dog bite lacerations and wounds, leading to the arrest of Chinsela and Navaya.

Yeukai Musengi will represent the State. Newsday


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