Saturday 31 March 2018


MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has mocked President Emmerson Mnangagwa over his scarf, adding that the 75-year-old politician does not even know what Wi-Fi is.

Speaking at a rally in the capital this week, Chamisa said “He (Mnangagwa) is going around putting a scarf even when it is hot”.

“I said old man yarova sei chinja yakupfekedza scarf nekunopisa (you are being frightened by MDC to an extent of putting on a scarf even in hot weather),” he said, adding “we don’t have anything to do with that old man as we are going to defeat him in this year’s election”.

Mnangagwa has made the Zimbabwe flag-designed scarf part of his fashion statement.
Since the time he went to Davos, Switzerland, Mnangagwa has consistently worn the scarf, be it at party events or government engagements.

Chamisa went on to say Mnangagwa could not pretend to be the solution to Zimbabwe’s problems.

“We have the keys to unlock the economy, we are the young generation we can work with the international community we can call (France president Emmanuel) Macron and say can you please help us to grow our economy. Do you think Mnangagwa can do that if Macron asked him about Wi-Fi he will think that Macron is asking him about his wife,” Chamisa said, adding “this is an old generation, we are going to give them a rest in the next election, we are going to say our elders you did a great job go and rest”.

“There is no question we are going to win this year but we are demanding electoral reforms,” Chamisa said. This comes as a leading political analyst, Ibbo Mandaza, recently predicted a victory for Chamisa in the forthcoming elections, as long as the polls are free and fair.
For the first time in two decades, the forthcoming elections will not feature ousted former president Robert Mugabe and the popular late MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai — who lost his valiant battle with colon cancer in February this year.

Mugabe’s 37-year, iron-fisted rule was dramatically ended by the intervention of the military last November, paving way for the installation of his long-time aide, Mnangagwa, as his successor both in government and in Zanu PF. Daily News


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