Thursday 15 March 2018


The three robbers who stormed a construction site in Umwinsidale, which is believed to belong to Ms Bona Chikore (nee Mugabe), were yesterday sentenced to an effective 18 months each in jail.
Robson Kandenga (45), Peter Mangwiro (40) and Brighton Chisiko (30) appeared before Harare regional magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa and pleaded guilty to robbery.

Mr Mupeiwa slapped the trio with 30 months each in prison, but suspended 12 months for each sentence on condition of good behaviour.

When they initially appeared in court on Tuesday, the gang was being charged with armed robbery, but the charges were later altered to robbery as it is understood that no weapons were used when the crime was committed.

The court heard that on December 31 last year, Kandenga, Mangwiro and Chisiko approached the police officer, who was guarding the site and pretended to be asking for directions to an unnamed place.

The unsuspecting police officer then left his guardroom to assist them. He was suddenly disarmed of his AK47 service rifle before being punched and kicked all over the body.
His arms and legs were subsequently tied using a wire that had been retrieved from the site.

The trio proceeded to take the complainant’s personal items, including two phones, and 80 wooden construction boards, which all amounted to $4 800. Herald


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