Friday 16 March 2018


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17:07 – As we prepare for elections please vote for the people you want, please no imposition, you all have the right to chose your own leaders.

17:05 – Now turning to elections which will be held in July the time has come to show everyone that Zanu-PF is ours, we have to vote for our party so we continue ruling as we have been doing. Zanu-PF is the only party with a history of bringing our independence hence let us vote to ensure that we protect our independence.

17:02 – We must be a listening leadership, I am a listening President because our strength comes from the people not ourselves. After informing our chiefs we then called our Christian leaders so that we get the blessings of our Lord. We then moved to our captains of industry as we know they are the very people who run our economy. Now we will meet the youths and war vets and we will have finished.

17:00 – When we started our new government we called our traditional leaders to tell them that we now have a new government

16:58 – We have now moved on, we have a new government taking over. Even our former President Mugabe ran away when he saw what had happened was not right. But now the past is behind us we have to move forward and learn from the past. The most significant lesson is that our party has stood the test of time. We have managed to take back our land. We have managed to unite our people. We must however continue consolidating the spirit of unity. Of course as we go forward we will have sellouts that will fall by the wayside, like the G40 has fallen by the wayside. The true Zanu-PF will remain and go forward. 

16:52 – President Mnangagwa now addressing the crowd…

“Dr Mpofu has related to you what happened to lead to the activities on 24 November 2017. We all saw the interface rallies, we all saw some big wigs being poisoned and we all saw some even becoming border jumpers.”

16:51 – “Today we have a real man, a man with no pride who is loving to all. He has time for everyone,”  Dr Mpofu ends his speech.

16:45 – “After independence he worked for the government where he worked in various Ministerial positions and held a number of positions within the party. He rose through the ranks until he became the country’s President.

“He worked hard but as we all know in everything that is beautiful there is something bad which crops up. There came the so-called interfaces, we were being called names, being told off by a woman. Our President was called all sorts of names but he never raised a finger, he instead smiled and clapped. President Mnangagwa was eventually fired from power. This is when people like General Chiwenga came in and even some of us rose and worked at reviving our party. We eventually called back our President and fired the very people who were causing havoc in our party.”

16:42 – Some might see this gentleman as someone without, guts but trust me he is one with guts. He is a man who was given a death penalty during the liberation struggle, he spent ten years in solitary confinement but he was only saved from the death penalty because he was under age. When he was released he went back to the liberation struggle where he trained as a lawyer. It is his experience as a lawyer which has made him well informed in terms of the law of the land which is why everything he does he ensures it is above the law – Dr Mpofu on ED.

16:38 – Dr Mpofu now introducing President Mnangagwa…

“The man we are here about is a loving man, a man of the people, a man who knows no race or tribe, a man who loves every Zimbabwean, a man who wants only to be identified as a Zimbabwean.”

16:35 – Next to be introduced is VP Chiwenga…

“This man is a man of principle, a man when he saw that things were not moving within Zanu-PF, stood up and made sure that he ushered the joy which we are experiencing today,” – Dr Mpofu says as he introduces VP Chiwenga

16:30 – “People from Matabeleland North you have surely made us proud, you have shown your love for President Mnangagwa. To the President I am promising you that in this area you already have two constituencies in the bag, here we do not play, we mean business,” Dr Mpofu says.

16:28 – Cde Moyo now invites Zanu-PF Secretary of administration Dr Mpofu to welcome the President and introduce those who accompanied the President Mnangagwa to the rally.

16:25 – President ED please do not be stressed by social media and TV interviews because as the people of Zimbabwe we are yours President as you see for yourself we are here in our numbers, we mean business, come election time we promise a resounding victory so much that those people who are busy making noise on twitter will be silenced – Cde Moyo

16:22 – Zanu-PF provincial chairperson Cde Richard Moyo now chairing the rally.

16:19 – President Mnangagwa and his delegation now at  Lortondale Primary School where he is expected to address a rally. Proceedings start with Inyathi High School students leading in the singing of the national anthem.

“We are here in Matabeleland North to understand what is happening, your problems and how we can solve them. At the end of the day we are all Zanu-PF. We are preaching unity, unity and unity. There is no going back we are moving forward as a united force. I have always said Zimbabwe is open for business and my administration and myself are serious about this.

Zimbabwe has been under sanctions for the past 18 years because among other things the land reform but this is now behind us. We have to move forward and ensure we develop our nation. From the past we are taking only that is good, this issue of interfaces we are leaving. In July we are having elections and this is to cement our rule as Zanu-PF.”

15: 45 – Dr Mpofu now greeting delegates and apologises for the late commencement of the programme, saying that President Mnangagwa had to tour the Gwayi-Shangani dam site and meet chiefs before coming here.

“The President is here to view key projects and appreciate progress on the ground.”

15:50 – Minister Mpofu now inviting President ED to greet delegates and give a short speech at the dam site.

15:43 -  President Mnangagwa has arrived at the bridge site.

15: 40 – Vice President Chiwenga has arrived at Ingwingwizi Bridge. President Mnangagwa is expected to arrive shortly. Also present is Speaker of the House of Assembly Cde Jacob Mudenda.


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