Thursday 11 January 2018


A SELF-PROCLAIMED tsikamutanda allegedly shut down a school in Matobo District in Matabeleland South on Tuesday and performed rituals in teachers’ houses, saying he was searching for goblins which were terrorising the community. The school has therefore failed to open for the first term.
Female teachers at Gohole II Primary School and female villagers in Gohole area, Ward 3, are living under stress as they are allegedly being sexually abused by goblins resulting in them waking up with semen on their bodies and wearing male underwear.

“Last term, four female teachers left this school because invisible beings were being intimate with them at night,” said a villager who declined to be named.
When the tsikamutanda arrived at the school, he allegedly ordered authorities to dismiss all the pupils.

Police were called to intervene after the tsikamutanda turned the school upside down.
The tsikamutanda, whose name could not be established, allegedly told police that he had been authorised by the traditional leader in the area, Chief Nyangazonke, to rid the community of the troublesome goblins.

Chief Nyangazonke said he did not know the tsikamutanda.
“I refuse to be linked to these people as I don’t know them and know nothing of their visit to the school. Village heads have approached me several times on behalf of villagers, informing me about the goblins issue. Females claim to be sexually terrorised by the alleged goblins.

“Villagers requested that they find prophets or churches to cleanse the whole community and I agreed. However, I did not permit tsikamutandas to do anything at the school.

“When the police and district administrator informed me about the closure of the school, I quickly ordered that the man be arrested and immediately stopped from what he was doing. Schooling should resume as soon as possible. The cleansing ceremonies can be done anywhere else in the community but not in schools and government offices,” he said.

Matobo District Schools Inspector Mr Headman Mpofu referred questions on the matter to the Matabeleland South Provincial Education Director (PED) Mr Lifias Masukume, saying they had forwarded a report on the matter to him.

Mr Masukume said he had not received the report and was not aware of the closure of the school. “I’m currently not working from the office and I haven’t received such a report. We will, however, find out what is going on at the school,” he said.

Matobo District Administrator, Mr Obey Chafusira confirmed the disturbances at Gohole 11 Primary School.

“We have stopped the menace and have ensured pupils come back to school and lessons resume. Yes there are goblin stories but surely schooling can’t be disturbed over supernatural stories.

“The tsikamutanda visited the school at an alleged invitation by some villagers. He searched teachers’ houses, a very disturbing moment, I must say. We have since stopped him from performing his rituals at the school,” said Mr Chafusira.

Villagers told The Chronicle they agreed that a cleansing ceremony should be carried out but  said it should not disturb schooling.

A villager who preferred anonymity said children were mysteriously dying in the area and they suspect the deaths are linked to the goblins. Chronicle


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