Wednesday 17 January 2018


A VICTORIA Falls man has been arrested after he assaulted his wife for questioning him about a conversation he was having on WhatsApp with another woman.

Greemph Tshuma (35) assaulted his wife Mrs Nyarai Tshuma (26) over a conversation he was having with an unnamed woman on WhatsApp. Tshuma of number 1586 Chinotimba was charged with physical abuse when he appeared before Victoria Falls magistrate Ms Rangarirai Gakanje.

He pleaded guilty and said his wife had provoked him. The court heard that on January 10 at around midnight, Tshuma had a misunderstanding with his wife over a certain woman whom he was sending messages to on WhatsApp.

He assaulted her using his belt. In mitigation, Tshuma begged for leniency saying he acted out of anger and failed to control his temper which will not happen again.
The magistrate fined Tshuma $100. He will be jailed for 30 days imprisonment if he fails to pay the fine. Magistrate Gakanje also sentenced him to a wholly suspended two months in jail on condition of good behaviour.

Prosecuting Mr Takunda Ndovorwi said the physical abuse took place on Wednesday last week.
“Tshuma assaulted his wife several times on her legs and hands using his waist belt thereby causing her certain injuries,” said the prosecutor Chronicle


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