Wednesday 17 January 2018


GENIUS GINIMBI KADUNGURE was on Star FM yesterday with the popular 326 hosts KVG and Phathisani and he was at his flamboyant best even picking up fights with the likes of Prophet Walter Magaya and Wicknell Chivayo.

Ginimbi blatantly stated that he is the richest person in the country – aged 35 and under. Phathisani had asked him if he was one of the top 10 richest people in Zimbabwe and his reply had been a humble, “No I’m still you,” until he later decided to add, “But if you say Under 35 ndovadonhedza (I can knock them out)”.

Magaya is 34 years old whilst Wicknell is 35.

However, the inference to Ginimbi’s reference to the duo is not drawn from merely looking at their ages. The 326 hosts bluntly drew these comparisons from the outspoken businessman.

Phathisani asked Ginimbi if he is in the habit of posting shoes that he buys on social media when he goes out shopping – in obvious reference to Wicknell who has lots of such pictures on Facebook and Instagram – and the reply was just short of an attack on Wicknell.

“Shoes are too cheap! You can’t swipe to buy a car but you can swipe to buy shoes meaning it’s a small amount. We need transactions that you can transfer – money with enough zeros you know.”

Asked how many shoes he has, Ginimbi laughed, “If I can’t count the cars (I have) then I can’t count the shoes!”

And with that statement, he was done with Wicknell.

A listener sent a question which was read by KVG asking if Ginimbi was saying he is richer than Magaya with his statement quoted above? 

Again Ginimbi’s reply came close to confirming the assertion,

“Haaaa ndiri bho, ndiri correct, ndiri correct chaizvo chaizvo! Handina hangu church but ndakaipa!”

H-Metro threw these implications to Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder, Walter Magaya last night and he said he did not have the capacity to compete with Genius materially. 

Magaya was in KwaZulu Natal yesterday and revealed that he had been inundated with messages from church members, who were telling him what Ginimbi had said on Star FM.

“I am in KwaZulu Natal donating to the elderly and helping the sick. I got a number of messages from church members telling me of Genius who was on Star FM with KVG and Phathisani. What I hear is that there was a comparison of riches between myself and him and I am told he said he was better.

“That is very true, he is way better than me for all what I have is for Jesus and his people. Surely I have nothing for myself. I bless you boss Genius, continue to glow,” said Magaya last night.

Ginimbi also spoke on other issues highlighted below.

“There is January disease? Maybe ask KVG…because when I am driving in my car there is air con, there is wifi, there is no problems, when I get out of my car I get into my big house that looks like a hotel. So at what stage do I experience this January disease? I have no reason to complain and, I think, if I complain God will not be happy.

“I think everyone was waiting for this. I am happy, more than happy, extremely happy. I was actually based in Joburg but after the new government came in –the new President and the new Vice President –I can actually say I have moved back to Zimbabwe.”

“Mazita emari haana PO Box, unongosiyana nazvo…”



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