Monday 6 November 2017


Contemporary musician Andrew Ngwenya, better known as Andy Muridzo, got a rude awakening over the weekend in Banket after angry fans chased him away for arriving at a fundraising show late.

People gathered early in the morning, waiting for the musician to perform but he only turned up much later in the day.
Sources said after he arrived late for the show, he had to wait for some time before going on stage further angering the agitated fans. Fans could not stomach the musician’s antics and started calling him all sorts of names with others threatening to beat him.

A video circulating on social media shows the musician scampering for safety together with his bouncer with enraged fans in hot pursuit.

Sources said he had to seek refuge outside the premises until the police came to calm the situation. The school authorities, according to sources, had to plead with fans to be patient. Muridzo later performed under the presence of heavy security.

He told The Herald Arts yesterday that the situation was tense: “It was a bad experience but as musicians we just learn to be perfect,” he said.

Muridzo recently released an album “Tichambotenderera” that is still to make an impact on the local market, a far cry from his previous offering “Ngarizhambe” that had songs “Chomuduri” and “Dherira” that became an anthem.
Muridzo’s humiliation come barely a week after his boss at MTM Jah Prayzah was pelted at the burial of his former bouncer Crispen Nyemba.

Jah Prayzah also had a series of misfortunes last week though he managed to give polished performances over the weekend.


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