Saturday 4 November 2017


11:50: The President encourages everyone to register to vote in next year’s elections. “We don’t want to be over done by the opposition we are the party the ruling party. Let us educate our people so that they vote wisely next year.” He says

11:45: “We have set up the Cyber Security Ministry to build our own cyber systems to defend ourselves from cyber crime. Some use the internet to fight us and implement what they say is regime change. Some nations are at an advanced stage in controlling this social media, which is why we thought that Minister Chinamsa as a lawyer helps in controlling our cyber space”

11:40: “We can use these computers for many things that promote development. Some are using these computers to cause disharmony, demonstrating and destroying the infrastructure. We don’t want to emulate this because what solution does it present instead of destroying the nation.”- President Mugabe
11:35: “Let us teach the communities to use these computers but please let us be 
disciplined, let us not view pornography; this is not why we are setting up these computers”

11:30: “The beauty of this new technology is that it keeps us in contact. Teachers and students can now get all the solutions they want via ICT. We want people to know that we are introducing these new gadgets but we want them also to know how to use them. These gadgets open their minds and introduce them to the world out there and also information out there.”- President Mugabe

11:26: “My only sense of disappointment is that we have allowed our children merely to depend on ICTs and are neglecting their books totally”
11:25: “Our children these days are always online, they are always online. To settle problems, whether it’s Science or Maths they no longer need to go to the library they go to the internet “- President Mugabe

11:22: President Mugabe immediately interjects, ordering that the Ministry should not charge for these services and Cde Mandiwanzira invites President Mugabe to address delegates.

11:18: “The trainings are for free till the end of the year after which we will then start charging a nominal fee to recover costs“ Cde Mandiwanzira

11:14: “As a Ministry we have started rolling out training facilities at all our community information centres because we do not want this to seem like a political gimmick but a means of empowering the communities”
11:10: ICT Minister Cde Supa Mandiwanzira now addressing delegates 
1053: President Mugabe has officially opened the Nkulumane Community Information Centre. The Nkulumane Community Information Centre is part of a project funded by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz). The authority is targeting to construct information centres in all the country’s constituencies. To date, Potraz has constructed over 80 centres at a cost of more than $900 000. 


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