Thursday 2 November 2017


JAILED former RMG End Time Message leader, Robert Martin Gumbura, said he misses sex and wishes he could have had an opportunity to have some during the recently held family week.

Gumbura, who has already served four years of his 40-year jail term, told H-Metro on Tuesday during a visit at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison that the past years he has spent in prison have been horrible without sex.

“You know I have 21 women and this means I was well taken care of as far as sex was concerned. I never thought I will ever long for it like this.

“While I’m happy that my 21 wives recently visited me during the family week early this month, I wish this concept could also come with an opportunity for conjugal rights. Imagine if I had been ‘serviced’ during the time my wives came to visit me,” said Gumbura.

Asked on how he was surviving without ‘it’, his only response was, ‘zvakawoma’.

Gumbura recently reunited with his 21 wives and 34 children during the recently introduced family week that preceded the African Prisons and Correctional Services Day. He wishes the programme had come earlier although he is still ecstatic that he managed to reunite with his entire family.

His prayer is to be moved to Connemara Open Prison arguing that he was no longer a flight risk noting that the time he had spent in the prison walls had robbed him of a source of income hence his family was struggling to make ends meet.

“My family is suffering and I wish I could be moved to the Open Prison. Tisu tichatiza here, I have become so used to the life in jail such that I’m now comfortable but my only worry is the welfare of my family.

“An open prison would be ideal for me as this will also give me an opportunity to make ends meet for the big family.

“Asi muno tigere hedu zvakanaka chose sezvamurikungovona, nhamo yebonde chete nekufunga mhuri.” h metro


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