Friday 3 November 2017


FAKE Tsikamutandas in Chakohwa Village are placing witchcraft paraphernalia in villagers’ homesteads and accusing people of possessing goblins in an attempt to lure clients.

This was revealed by village head Parireyi Evans Mutidzawanda, following the discovery of mysterious objects at two homesteads’ doorsteps last week.

The objects, which left villagers in Chakohwa Village in Chimanimani West weak-kneed, were last week burnt by a team of traditional and faith healers, who included traditional healer, Dakarai Mandava.

Mr Mutidzawanda revealed that the cunning witch hunters, popularly known as Tsikamutanda, had re-emerged and were luring desperate clients by placing some witchcraft paraphernalia in villagers’ homesteads.

The Tsikamutandas are causing conflicts and confusion among villagers who are counter accusing each other of witchcraft.

The Chipongo family woke up on Monday morning seeing a brown mysterious object, which had colourful beads and black feathers on top of it. It was placed on the doorstep of one of the houses.

At the Mupikata homestead, there was a black clay pot which contained colourful beads and small sticks. A scary looking stripped cloth was covering the clay pot which looked new. It was perched on a log at the homestead’s yard.

“Members of Zinatha, traditional healers as well as several church leaders came together and burnt the items. After our investigations it emerged that the items had been placed by Tsikamutanda who will be seeking to lure clients who would consult them for assistance.

“They are desperately in need of clients yet they are operating illegally. We have since learnt that they have re-emerged and are duping unsuspecting villagers of their livestock and cash.

Villagers, in desperation, give away their valuables to these crooks,” he said, urging villagers to be wary of charlatans. manica post


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