Thursday 26 October 2017


 A 25-year-old Chitungwiza man is facing three counts of assault after he allegedly went berserk at a night club at Murisa Business Centre after he failed to get sexual favours from his estranged wife. Zaccheus Matute attacked Edgar Sambani (32), Previous Ganyiwa (20), Crispen Marembo and dogs belonging to the club owner’s brother.

He is being charged together with his current wife and sister. The three denied assault charges when they appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Mrs Yeukai Chigodora last week. The matter was remanded to today. The prosecutor Mr Norman Koropi alleges that on October 11 this year, at around 2am, Matute got into the nightclub and manhandled Ganyiwa, who he claims to be his ex-wife, and took her to the bar’s backyard.
He allegedly tried to be intimate with her, but she turned him down. An enraged Matute allegedly shoved her to the ground and dragged her until Sambani intervened. However, Matute got so incensed with Sambani, who tried to restrain him from harassing Ganyiwa, that he picked up a brick and struck him on the left elbow, bruising him in the process.

It is the State’s case that when Marembo — brother to the owner of the bar — was informed that there was someone causing mayhem at the bar, he took his dogs and proceeded to the night club. Upon arrival, Marembo’s dogs started barking at Matute, but the latter was unfazed. 

He drew out a knife and stabbed the animals. It is believed that Matute’s current wife and his sister, who were in the club, accused Marembo of setting his dogs on him. They then pounced on the dog owner. In the ensuing melee, Matute stabbed Marembo at the back of his left hand with an Okapi knife. The situation only calmed down after police arrived and fired a warning shot after which the accused persons fled the scene. They were arrested at around 11am after a police raid.


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