Monday 30 October 2017


THE highly-anticipated braai fest held at the weekend after Delta Beverages dangled over 15 000kg of braai meat degenerated into chaos, with fans throwing missiles onto the stage during the Third Generation band performance, before contemporary musician Jah Prayzah stepped on to the stage.

There was pushing and shoving as fans sought to get closer to the stage and catch a glimpse of their idol who was, however, nowhere in sight, forcing the band members to temporarily step down.

Jah Prayzah quickly rescued the situation when he appeared on stage and begged for forgiveness from the fans, saying he had been caught up in a traffic jam.

“I am very sorry masoja (soldiers) for arriving late. I had problems with traffic, but I am here now,” he said, as he knelt on stage and clapped his hands.

His set, however, was marred by poor sound and a raft of technical glitches, which also affected his performance, as he was not as spirited as he usually is, particularly when he sang Goto Rinehwema.

The same technical issues also affected Freeman’s set, although both artistes tried their best to ignite the audience.

While Winky D lived up to his billing and left fans clamouring for more, they found Ammara Brown’s performance disappointing.
The other performances were from Andy Muridzo, Bryan K, DJ L-Roy and Judgment Yard.

The event’s saving grace was the meeting of the braai master and the brew master for the second time, as merrymakers and meat lovers were in for a treat.

Organisers of the event confirmed that the festival was graced by over 16 000 people and 15 132kg of meat were sold.
Apart from the sound failures, the event was well-organised, with merrymakers defying the cold weather until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The event was held in a family-friendly environment with tight security. newsday


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