Tuesday 31 October 2017


THE main opposition MDC-T has accused its Zanu PF rivals in Bulawayo of allegedly dishing out copies of pre-signed affidavits of proof of residence to desperate residents in the ongoing biometric voter registration exercise and later demanding serial numbers of voter slips given to people they would have assisted, as part of the ruling party’s voter intimidation tactics.

MDC-T Bulawayo spokesperson Felix Magalela Sibanda mentioned Mpopoma Pelandaba MP Joseph Tshuma (Zanu PF) as leading the illegal campaign.

“The MDC T provincial executive has uncovered unethical action and criminality committed by the MP. He is issuing pre-signed affidavits to Zanu PF members in the said constituency to register to vote. Accordingly, his actions are a serious offence, hence this must be taken seriously,” Sibanda said.

“He is abusing his office as a commissioner of oath. Secondly, in the same constituency, some members of the Zanu P F youth wing are grabbing by force voter registration certificates from potential voters and recording serial numbers.”

He said this action was counter-productive as it intimidated would-be voters in 2018.

“We, therefore, demand sanity to prevail in the second phase to minimise those wayward behaviours from Tshuma and his youths. This has to stop immediately or the credibility of this voter registration is at stake,” Sibanda said.

But Tshuma refuted Sibanda’s claims describing him as “intoxicated”.

“His claims are like someone who smokes dagga. By profession, I am a commissioner of oath and I admit I sign the affidavits. I do not keep those affidavits, but people collect them from Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) and come to me to register,” Tshuma said.

“I go to centres where people come and certify the affidavits and what happens is that people manage to know that their MP is at a certain centre and come to certify their affidavits and there is nothing wrong with that.” newsday


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