Monday 30 October 2017


Bus operators are contemplating to increase bus fares citing foreign currency shortages for the supply of motor vehicle spare parts.

The bus operators argue that the demand for foreign currency by spare parts suppliers has exposed them to high operational costs as they receive payments from passengers in local currency.

The Zimbabwe Passengers Transport Organisation Chairman, Samson Nanhanga told the ZBC News that this new trend has put bus operators in a catch 22 situation.

“It is unfortunate that bus operators have been left with no option but to come together this Wednesday in Harare to come up with a new bus fare regime to cover for the high cost,” noted Nanhanga.

A survey conducted by the ZBC News shows that some shops selling spare parts are refusing RTGS transactions, preferring 80 percent in foreign currency and the remainder in bond notes.
Other shops are totally not accepting both as they demand forex only for motor vehicle parts.


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