Friday 18 October 2019


A man from Gundani Village under Chief Nembudziya in Gokwe was ordered to pay three cows for having an illicit relationship with his stepdaughter which resulted in pregnancy.

Jacob Manyengavana had a relationship with his 20-year-old stepdaughter Farisai Bhasikiti.

The matter came into light when Bhasikiti told her mother about the pregnancy. This was after Manyengavana tried to force her to abort the three months pregnancy. 

A source who spoke on condition of anonymity said the two had a relationship for close to three years without anyone noticing until Bhasikiti got pregnant. They had a fallout after Manyengavana tried to convince Bhasikiti to terminate the pregnancy.

“Manyengavana and Bhasikiti started their relationship about three years ago. Their relationship went sour when Bhasikiti fell pregnant and her stepfather wanted her to abort.

“She refused to terminate the pregnancy and Manyengavana then threatened to chase her away from their home. He told her to go and look for her biological father if she wanted to keep the baby,” said the source.

Left with no option, Bhasikiti opened up to her mother about the whole incident. “Due to pressure put on her by her stepfather, Bhasikiti told her mother about the pregnancy and that her stepfather was responsible. She also revealed that he wanted her to abort the pregnancy but she refused,” said the source.

Bhasikiti’s mother reported the matter to Chief Nembudziya.

Chief Nembudziya confirmed presiding over the incident saying he fined Manyengavana three cows for sleeping with his stepdaughter.

“I presided over the case and l ordered Manyengavana to pay three cows for the embarrassing incident. Two cows were given to the girl’s mother while the other cow goes to the community,” said Chief Nembudziya. B Metro


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