Tuesday, 19 July 2022


 MUNYARADZI Chauraya on Friday got an indication of the FURY among people over the outrageous video in which he is accused of allegedly abusing a two-year-old child by making her stroke his manhood.

The Harare dealer has since denied the allegations by claiming his manhood was different from the one which appears in the shocking video.

He has already appeared in court for allegedly bashing his estranged girlfriend, Natalie Taruvinga, who is the mother of the child.

Chauraya, who has been dubbed ‘Monster Munya’ in some circles, returned to his fitness club in Harare, for the first time since the shocking video circulated on social media.

However, his appearance at the health club on Friday torched a fierce backlash as he was greeted by a walkout by some furious club members.

Although Munya is still on trial for bashing his estranged girlfriend, and reserves the right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty, the ugly reaction at his fitness club on Friday, gave him a glimpse of the verdict in the minds of some people.

For those who walked out of the health club, in protest over his presence, the message was clear – they don’t want to be associated with someone facing such damaging allegations.

That this came from the very people, who have been closest to him, in the past few years, should concern him given that the expectation was that they would reserve some sympathy for him, because of their close links.

This probably shows that the anger, especially among those who don’t know him, is quite pronounced.

The issue has divided the fitness club whose WhatsApp group has been dominated, this weekend, by posts from members furious that he was allowed to return to train with them.

Some members have also written a letter, in which they accuse a number of people, including their chairman, for being sympathetic to Chauraya.

“It’s a bomb, which has exploded and the fire is raging right now,” said one of the members, who chose not to be identified.

“The anger is huge and those who don’t want to be associated with Munya are saying it loud and clear that he has no place to among them.

“Remember, his girlfriend was also a part of the membership in the same fitness group and people saw those shocking pictures, which were taken after she was bashed, and they are asking a lot of questions as to why someone who did that should be allowed to be part of the team.

“It’s a volatile situation and those taking a stance have said that they are prepared to terminate their membership should the leaders choose to allow Munya to come and train with us.

“Of course, there are those who are saying he should be allowed to train, because he is yet to be convicted by a court of law, but their voices are being drowned by those who are saying they don’t want to have anything to do with him.”

However, one of the leaders at the club said Munya needed company as he was dealing with a lot right now.

“You can’t condemn a man who has not been found guilty and the whole purpose of such clubs is that we are supposed to help each other, when one of us is in trouble, and this is the time to help Munya,” he said.

“Even those who kill people are allowed back into society to be given another chance and we should help Munya, of course, if he is convicted, then that’s another issue and everything changes.

“Munya has been training at a gym in the industrial areas of Harare and there haven’t been any issues there.”

Chauraya is no stranger to the criminal courts.

The Harare dealer once appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court, facing allegations of duping a client of US$8 000, in a car deal in 2017.

He was, however, was cleared of any wrong doing after he applied for discharge at the close of the State case, which ruled the case was weak and lacked merit.

He torched a storm after he reportedly sexually abused his girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter.

The video leaked on various social media, much to the dismay of many, including socialite and comedienne, Mai TT.

In the video, Chauraya, whose face is not visible, is seen allowing the innocent child to touch his manhood.

Chauraya said Natalie was his second wife.

“I paid lobola, but after two years of marriage we started fighting over infidelity issues.

“I received a strange call threatening me that I should leave my second wife alone.

“And the stranger also told my wife about Natalie which was not good for me because I did not want my first wife to know about the marriage.

“I can confirm going to Natalie’s house for the purpose of clarity and that is when she started a fight and broke my car.

“I have a docket at Central Police Station against Natalie for malicious damage and she also opened a similar docket as the applicant.” H Metro


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