Wednesday, 8 June 2022


 A HARARE man teamed up with his wife to attack a girlfriend in a bid to recover his money.

Melody Muriwo approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against Trymore Mangwiro, who is her boyfriend.

She said she has since moved out of her lodgings as a result of Trymore and his wife’s conduct.

“Trymore is married and I am having an affair with him but he tells this court that I am his wife but he never paid lobola.

“Even my relatives refused to listen to his stories because he did not pay anything to them, rather they sent him to the chief’s court.

“He has been threatening me with death, he assaults me as he claims, I had his US$1000, which l kept for him, but I gave him back all his money.

“He took all my property and, from here, I am going to the police to report him,” she said.

Melody added: “His wife came to my house and attacked me. When l reported her to the police, Trymore asked me to drop the charges and l did.

“I want him to be barred from approaching my place of residence and for him to stop abusing me physically.”

In defence, Trymore said:

“I never abused her in any way, she is lying.

“All l want is my US$1000 that I gave her to keep for me and now she does not want to give it back.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire, who presided over the matter, granted the protection order in Melody’s favour.

Tymore was ordered to maintain peace all the time. H Metro


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