Tuesday, 21 June 2022


A HARARE woman has accused her husband of making her sleep outside their matrimonial home for two weeks after he suspected her of infidelity.

Hamuna Mutema told a court that her husband, Archford Chokwati, was in the habit of insulting her with obscenities and locking her and their daughter outside.

Mutema made the claims before magistrate, Sharon Mashavire, at the Harare Civil Court, where she was seeking a peace order.

She alleged that her husband sometimes behaves in a barbaric manner. “My husband sometimes turns violent towards me and our disabled daughter, he accused me of being a prostitute in front of the children.

“He sometimes locks us out of the gate for coming late from my vending stall and he physically abuses me and all our children. I have been sleeping outside the house for the past two weeks, “she said.

She added: “My husband turns away anyone offering help to our disabled daughter hence I resorted to vending so that I can fend for my children.”

In response, Archford claimed his wife had turned into a prostitute.

“As the head of the house, I asked her not to come home late but she refused, so I started to use action rather than words.

“I will continue locking the gate at 9 pm until she changes her ways and becomes a responsible wife for me. For us to live in peace, she has to religiously follow our house rules,” he said.

Presiding over the hearing, the magistrate granted the peace order in Mutema’s favour. H Metro 


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