Friday, 27 May 2022


A LOCAL transporter had a close shave with death yesterday when he rammed his vehicle into a house in Ushewokunze just after midnight.

He left his son at the scene of the accident, as assurance, as he went to find money to compensate for the damage.

Evidence Hamamiti said he was glad to be alive and the accident was a result of him being hit from behind by another speeding motorist.

“I saw a car which wanted to overtake me,” he claimed.

“It was a twin cab, a government vehicle, and the driver of the vehicle did not notice that there was an oncoming kombi.

“So, he went on to hit my truck and also the kombi.

“The impact forced me off the road, the trouble causer appeared to be drunk as he was helped to stand by a lady, whom he claimed was his wife.

“I left my child as assurance I was working out a plan to find money to repair the damaged place.

“We contacted the house owner and he said he is yet to assess the damage but there are tenants there,” he said.

Evidence said he was advised to fix the damage.

“They just advised me that I should fix the damaged part. “However, this morning they called me saying that they want to come over to my place.

“Probably, they are bringing my child but at the moment I am running around together with my wife.” H Metro


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