Friday, 22 April 2022


WARRIORS cheerleader, Alvin “Aluvah” Zhakata is reported to be still stuck in Cameroon, living on the streets of Yaounde, more than two months after the 2021 AFCON finals ended.

He was set to return home in February but the latest reports said there were complications when he arrived at the airport in Yaounde, intending to fly back to Harare, and was forced to abandon the trip.

Since then, according to the reports, he has been living on the Yaounde streets.

A correspondent for the authoritative website, Kigoum Wandji, interviewed him this week and posted a worrying picture, to accompany the article, which appears to confirm that Aluvah is having a very hard time.

“I’m exhausted. I’m starting to get depressed. God only knows if I will return to my country alive,” he said in the interview conducted in the backyard of the Arenah Hotel, where he was evicted for “unpaid bills.”

The report said he has been clinging to his faith and hoping for a miracle.

“Alvin Zhakata clings to his rosary, it has been several days that this Zimbabwean national has been squatting at the back of this establishment located in the Olembe district, not far from the stadium that hosted the opening and final of the CAN 2021 in Cameroon,” reads the report.

“Between the two sentences, the young man of 35 years marks a time of silence, the empty look, it has been difficult for days, in which he has not eaten well.

“Over time, he has learnt to endure, despite his precarious state of health, he has respiratory problems.

“According to his medical notebook, Alvin Zhakata has lung disease.

“He is afraid that he will never see his family again. The man sleeps under the stars, in the cold and the only companions he has are mosquitoes.”

The website described him as a sports consultant.

“Alvin Zhakata is a freelance Zimbabwean sports consultant, he arrived in Cameroon with a delegation from his country, for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

“The group took up residence at the Arenah Hotel in Yaoundé on 15 January.

“Zimbabwe, who were in Group B in Bafoussam, were due to play their last match at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium in Yaoundé, three days later.

“Despite the 2-1 win over Guinea, the Warriors were eliminated in the first round. The Zimbabwean delegation left Cameroon on 22 January after paying all its hotel bills.

“But Alvin Zhakata chose to stay to watch the final scheduled for February 6.”

He faced challenges in settling his bill and Cameroon Football Federation boss, Samuel Eto’o had to intervene, and pay for Aluvah.

“Zhakata was then due to leave Cameroon on 2 February but, once at the airport, he was told that it was required that he pay a penalty of 387 euros.

“Not having the funds, Mr. Zhakata returned to the hotel.

“Since then, bills in terms of accommodation and nutrition have piled up. Alvin Zhakata owes the Arenah Hotel 1500 euros and he must also pay new penalties for his plane ticket of around 472 euros. H Metro


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