Thursday, 26 August 2021


A Chivhu vendor, Enerty Chimedza was severely mauled by Police dogs on Sunday and then made to pay a fine of RTGS$1 000 for allegedly remaining at her stall after the 3:30pm business cut off time.

Chimedza is appealing to members of the public to assist her with money to buy prescription given her by the doctor for the wounds. The drugs prescribed for her cost US$140.

Mash East Police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachiii said said he was yet to receive the report.

“I am yet to receive that report however what the police officers did is not acceptable and why could they hide the Memo pertaining to such a tragedy incident,” he said.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Spokesperson Kumbirai Mafunda condemned the police brutality describing the incident as a true sign of human rights abuse by the law enforcement agencies.

“We condemn this kind of brutality by the police on this poor woman. We are concerned by increasing cases across the country where the police are not executing their duty professionally.

” They should not take the law in their hands and they should respect human rights,”he said.

Chimedza told The Mirror that vendors at the market stall close at 330pm but they leave one person to guard their wares until 6pm when a security guard comes for the night shift.

On this day I was on duty to guard the wares until the guard came. Police details found me at the market and accused me of violating Covid19 regulations by doing business after 330pm. They assaulted me before unleashing their dogs on me,” said Chimedza.

After her arrest, Chimedza was taken to Chivhu Police Station. She was made to pay RTGS1 000 despite having been injured. She went to see Chivhu General Hospital nurses on Monday and got a prescription for injections which cost US$140.

Police did not bother to get her treated for the wounds and the spokesperson Chazovachiii said he was going to make a follow up on the issue.

Ward 9 Councilor Christopher Muchenje described Police action as barbaric and lamented the concerned cops for showing no remorse for their heavy handedness.

“This was just a defenseless woman. She is not a criminal, she is a mother, she is not armed, she is a poor vendor why use Police dogs on her?

“What touched us more is Police got her mauled by the dogs, arrested her and then fined her. Now she is faced with a medical bill, said Muchenje.

Chimedza said she was only given a letter by the Police on Monday to get treatment at Chivhu General Hospital. Nurses at the hospital however, told her that there were no drugs.

“I am appealing to well-wishers to help me with money to buy drugs,” said Chimedza.

Vendors in Chivhu also accused cops of demanding sex from the women that they arrest and this is one of the conditions for getting ones freedom. They also accused Police in Chivhu of corruption and in particular they go around the small town taking bribes. Masvingo Mirror


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