Tuesday, 24 August 2021


A Chitungwiza business woman forced a toddler to wash his hands in ‘holy’ water to boost her business.

Susan Muchemwa, 49, a shop owner at a Zengeza Complex said she wanted to recover her money and used the child’s purity to get it back.

The matter came to light when the toddler informed his mother. Muchemwa told H-Metro that she was following instructions from her daughter based in South Africa and it was for religious prayers and not charms.

“I sold a shop to someone and they were delaying in paying the money,” said Muchemwa. “When my daughter learnt about it she instructed me to look for a child.

“Akanditi tsvagai mwana mudiki asati ambotadza mumugezese mawoko saka pandakangodaro mari yakabva yabhadharwa. It was pure water and no charms or anything was mixed with it.

“I just saw two young boys walking by the pavement and I called them into the shop. The younger one is the one I instructed to wash his hands. My daughter worships at Johanne Masowe yeChishanu.

“The amount not paid was US$200 and I made a mistake by sending it to my daughter through another agent instead of Mukuru.

“I made another mistake by not informing their parents but I pleaded for forgiveness and she accepted,” said Muchemwa. The victim’s mother, a vendor told H-Metro that her son complied to Muchemwa’s instructions in fear.

“My son told me about the matter and I went on to confront the business woman and she asked for forgiveness,” she said.

“Our fears were that the boy could have been abused for ritual purposes. “She sounded to be an ardent follower of religion that is why I rested the case but it disturbed a number of people around this place,” she said. H Metro


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