Saturday, 3 July 2021


CHIPINGE Town Council and some residents are at loggerheads over the ownership of Chipinge Country Club, with the local authority accusing the latter of illegal occupation.

The town council is not collecting any revenue from the illegal tenants, arguing that some individuals are benefitting from its use.

The country club is located at Stand Number 267. When The Manica Post visited the country club, the sorry state of affairs at the premises was revealed. The club was once one of the most beautiful places in the town.

Swimming pools have been turned into dumping sites by tenants residing at the premises. The place also houses private schools and churches. A bar is also operating at the premises, while some rooms are being used as a brothel.

Residents have called for investigations on why some individuals are now claiming ownership of the country club. In the past, membership drawn from the cross-section of the community would run the club.

In an interview, the town council housing and community services director, Mr Edson Munjanga, said they had engaged the Deeds Office and Surveyor General’s Office to access the documents to reclaim the property.

“Stand No 267 which houses the country club is owned by the council. The council used to operate a satellite school at the premise, but the school has since been moved to its stand.

“Thereafter some individuals invaded the premise. They now claim its ownership. We have in the past tried to evict them, but we have met a lot of resistance. However, there was a resolution made to the relevant offices to assist in reclaiming the premises,” said Mr Munjanga.

He refuted claims that the local authority had parcelled out the property to individuals. Residents have called for the swift return of the property to the local authority.

Chipinge Residents Trust chairperson, Mr Vrante Mhlupeko said: “As residents, we investigated the ownership of the country club and discovered that it is a town council property.

It has a 99-year lease with the local authority and should be used as a social club that benefits the whole community, not individuals.

“It should be a recreational facility for the community. Anyone or any private company that claims ownership of that property must provide their proof of ownership,” said Mr Mhlupeko.

Mr Lincloln Mwaimbodeyi of Chipinge Town Community Association (CTCA) said the town council should restore social amenities in the town.

“There is no golf course and we also have dilapidated recreational facilities, yet we claim we are a town rising from the East. These social amenities should be restored,” he said.

The town council chairperson, Councillor Zivanai Nyakuchena, said they had secured stands for recreational facilities.

“The council has a site in St Kelvin which is earmarked for a nine-hole golf course. We also want to revive swimming pools in the town and high-density areas,” he said.

Caretaker of the country club, Mr Caiphas Mwarozva, said the property belongs to the farmers.

“Before the land reform programme, the country club was used by local farmers and we have reclaimed it as it belongs to farmers. It still belongs to us and as new farmers we will fight for it,” he said. Manica Post




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