Wednesday, 16 September 2020


THE Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) has extended the registration period for November 2020 Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations to cater for pupils and schools that failed to do the process due to different reasons because of the Covid-19-induced lockdown.

This is the second time that Zimsec has extended the registration process after doing so in April. Zimsec says the examinations are going ahead with the council having already completed the printing of Grade 7 examination material.

Marking of the June examination is starting this week with results expected before the November examinations commence. No late registration fees would be charged to candidates and centres.

The provision is in accordance with Government’s announcement that all potential candidates will access the 2020 examinations.

In an interview yesterday, Zimsec board chairperson Professor Eddie Mwenje said:

“The registration will start on the September 28 once they open schools and then it will close of October 2. Just like we said the rationale for this is that you know some of the students could not travel to register during the lockdown period. And also, because schools were closed and some people could not travel from here to there and also some could not get their registration done using the electronic system.

“We have got an electronic payment and registration which some people could have been failing to access depending on where they are. So, we said once schools open on September 28, we give them one week gap and them we close. So, this is official. Anyone can register, they have to take advantage of their centres where they register. So, anyone will be able to do that. We will not segregate any particular registration really. 

We don’t segregate those people that write nor do we reduce the number of subjects people want to write.

“But the major thing is that we wanted to make sure that we are just fair to the majority of Zimbabweans especially that registration was affected by the Covid-19-induced lockdown. Some people had problems and some schools could not actually transfer the money electronically, the registration details and so forth.

“We have finished the Grade seven examinations. We have completed preparations in terms of printing the material and so forth. We are already done with that and we have already started actually printing the Ordinary and A Level examination material and we are progressing well. There are no problems at all,” said Prof Mwenje.

He said the marking of June examinations is penciled for this week.

“We run these things concurrently you know and the marking for the June examinations is on this week. So, we are actually on top of the situation,” said Prof Mwenje. Chronicle


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