Friday, 23 August 2019


The MDC is urging all its leaders and members to come out in their large numbers in solidarity with our national Secretary for Organising, Amos Chibaya, who will be appearing at the Harare Magistrates courts today at 0830 hours.

Chibaya is facing a new charge of failing to stop the demonstration in Harare last week of which he was the official Convenor.

This means that Chibaya is now facing yet another charge apart from the already existing one of subversion.

The MDC views Chibaya as a symbol of the widespread attack on all progressive forces of democracy in Zimbabwe.

lndeed, Chibaya is a peace loving and patriotic Zimbabwean who like everyone else, yearns and dreams for a new free, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe.

He is certainly not a criminal but is being victimised and persecuted by a rogue regime that has clearly panicked and become so desperate in their futile fight to turn the tide against the rising demand for a people's government in Zimbabwe.

Chibaya's persecution will only serve to inspire more Zimbabweans to actively participate in the march for a Free Zimbabwe.

We are thus once again appealling to all our party leaders and members to join Chibaya in solidarity this morning.

Daniel Molokele
MDC Spokesperson


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