Friday, 28 June 2019


A WELL known Sakubva bouncer – Simon Korera – wept uncontrollably at the Mutare Magistrates’ Courts on Monday morning after he was jailed, together with his wife, Loran Chasaya, for stealing a beast which they gave to another complainant who was pressing stock theft charges against them.

The couple was slapped with varying jail sentences by magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe after a full trial.

There was drama in Court B as Korera broke down into tears soon after Mr Mahwe read the sentence.

Defence lawyer, Mr Victor Chinzamba of Mugadza, Chinzamba and Partners Legal Practitioners, had a torrid moment to calm down his client who cried bitterly from the court room up to the holding cells. 

Korera (39) was slapped with a five year jail term with one year set aside on condition of good behaviour while his wife was sentenced to 24 months behind bars.

Mr Mahwe suspended 12 months on usual terms while the remaining 12 months were also set aside on condition that she perform 420 hours of community service at Sakubva Police Station.

Chasaya (36) was given a lighter sentence because the court found out that she was influenced by her husband to partake in the crime.

The couple was facing stock theft charges as defined in Section 114 (2)(a)  of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act Chapter 9:23. 

District public prosecutor Mr Tirivanhu Mutyasira told the court that the crime was committed in May 2017.

“On May 1, 2017 Korera appeared in court at the Nyanga Magistrates’ Court on allegations of having stolen an ox belonging to Blessing Gwandingwa.

“On the first remand date, Korera offered Gwandingwa $300 as compensation for the stolen beast, but Gwandingwa did not accept the money as he needed a beast.

“Two days after his next remand date, Korera and his wife brought a black heifer and handed it over to the complainant and the transaction was witnessed by Tinashe Sarupinda.

“Consequently, allegations against Korera were withdrawn and the prosecution was declined on the basis of compensation made by Korera and a withdrawal affidavit allegedly from the complainant,” said Mr Mutyasira.

An acknowledgement of receipt of the heifer by Gwandigwa from Korera was drafted in which Chasaya and Sarupinda appended their signatures as witnesses. 

“Acting on information received following a public outcry that Gwandigwa had received a stolen beast, the police investigated the matter,” he said.

The investigations unearthed that the beast had been bought in unclear circumstances. All the papers which Korera presented to confirm that he properly bought the beast were forged and the seller of the beast could not be located.

“Korera compensated Gwandingwa with a heifer which had a doubtful origin as the documents were fake,” said Mr Mutyasira.

Last year violence almost broke out the Mutasa Magistrates’ Court as irate villagers bayed for Korera’s blood.

He was facing eight counts of stocktheft from communal farmers.

More than 75 complainants are alleging then that Korera stole their cattle since 2016.

Allegations were that he stole the cattle belonging to the complainants at grazing pastures and slaughtered them in the bush.

After slaughtering the beasts, Korera allegedly took some cuts he preferred and left the remainder of the carcasses at the scene of the crime. Manica Post


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