Wednesday, 19 December 2018


A 26-YEAR-OLD man from Bulawayo’s Nkulumane suburb lost his car to a thief who drove away with the vehicle after assisting him to fix it when it broke down.

Mr Thamsanqa Nyoni’s Madza 323 is said to have developed a mechanical fault while he was in Pumula North suburb on Thursday evening. Sources said Mr Nyoni who was trying to fix his car was approached by three men who offered to assist.

“One of the three is said to have told Mr Nyoni that he could start the engine while others were pushing it. Mr Nyoni who was getting desperate as it was getting dark allowed him to start the engine and once it started running, the thief sped off,” said the source.

Mr Nyoni thought the runaway driver was travelling with the other two who assisted him to push the car only to learn later that they were not together.

The source said Mr Nyoni reported the theft at Pumula Police Station. Bulawayo police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Precious Simango, yesterday confirmed the incident.

She said police have since launched a manhunt for the thief. “We are investigating a vehicle theft which occurred in Pumula North suburb. The suspect is alleged to have found a man trying to fix his broken down vehicle and offered to assist,” said Chief Insp Simango.

She said Mr Nyoni lost R600 and $300 bond as well as some clothing items which were in the car.

On November 30, a Plumtree motorist lost his vehicle to a man who pretended to be a potential buyer ready to pay US$1 300 but vanished during a test drive.

Mr Silizane Nkomo (28) of Dingimuzi Township was approached by Onai Bhonyua (42) of Cassava Suburb in Plumtree who pretended that he wanted to buy the car.
Bhonyua requested a test drive and went for good with the car.

Both Mr Nkomo and the suspect are Plumtree residents. The stolen vehicle is a blue Mazda 323, registration number ACB 1563. Chronicle


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