Monday 1 July 2024


Harare City commissioners have taken delivery of Ford Ranger Raptor vehicles. The commission was appointed by by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in May to investigate the City of Harare’s management and council since 2017.

“Members of the commission of inquiry into Harare were awarded with Ford Ranger Raptor vehicles to carry out their mandate in the next six months when they will investigate Harare City Council.

“We believe they are just being motivated as we think that there are chances that they might be bribed because you should be aware that they will also be dealing with rich land barons,”  sources told Newsday.

However, Combined Harare Residents Association chairperson Reuben Akili yesterday challenged the government to avail the list of the expenditure of the commission.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba said: “Do you want them to walk or do you want them to use buses? You  guys, have you checked on other commissions on what they get.”

The commission is led by Justice Maphios Cheda.


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