Tuesday 9 July 2024


Some 1000 diasporans are on the waiting list for land in Zimbabwe, according to the government which now says only capable farmers will be allocated land going forward.

This means that prospective farmers on the waiting list for State land will undergo strict vetting to ascertain their capabilities.

The need for vetting comes after some of those allocated land under the land reform programme were found to be underusing the land, while others have even abandoned farms.

The Herald reports that at present there are 270 000 Zimbabweans living in the country, and  10 000 in the diaspora, who are on the waiting list to be allocated land, but while redistribution continues, it is unlikely to satisfy their needs The emphasis is now on linking good farmers without land into joint ventures with those who have land.

Land redistribution is a continuous process to ensure there is maximum use of Zimbabwe’s farms.

Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development Permanent Secretary, Professor Obert Jiri, said vetting was necessary as some previous beneficiaries of the land reform had been found to be unproductive.

He said the objective of the vetting and verification process was to ensure that deserving people were allocated land.

Prof Jiri said those on the waiting list would be allocated abandoned or underutilised farms, adding that joint ventures were encouraged as they provided a platform for the transfer and harnessing of skills to promote rural industrialisation.

“These joint venture facilities are practical solutions that we are exploring to enhance partnerships in farming businesses that guarantee productivity. Not everyone will get land because there is a huge number that is on the waiting list. Those who still want land can still register and join the waiting list because it is their right to do so.

“So far, no land is available, so we urge land seekers to engage in joint ventures and partnerships to allow more people to venture into agriculture.”


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