Friday 7 June 2024


Chief Felix Nhlanhlayamngwe Ndiweni has noted that the outcome of the recent elections in South Africa provides a platform for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to have a listening ear from regional and international communities regarding their various grievances.

Chief Ndiweni alleges that Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Zanu-PF, was enjoying backing from South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC), and the loss of the majority vote for the latter sheds a ray of hope.

The ANC managed to acquire 40.18 percent in the May 29, 2024 election losing its dominance for the first time in 30 years.

“The Zanu PF administration in Zimbabwe did their very best to help their fellow revolutionary comrades, the ANC in South Africa, to win the South African elections. This was a high-risk strategy for Zanu PF, an all-or-nothing chess move because it exposed the hand of Zanu PF in South Africa’s domestic politics,” Chief Ndiweni said.

“For ordinary Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe and in the diaspora, this is the brightest light we have seen in a long time for change to occur in Zimbabwe. We now will have countries in our region who will genuinely listen and act upon our grievances. For a start, it is now 100 percent certain that the Zimbabwean diaspora will vote in the next elections.

“SADC will ensure that happens, especially with Hakainde Hichilema in Zambia and the coalition in South Africa pushing for it. There are no more extenuating reasons left for why the Zimbabwean diaspora may not vote in Zimbabwean elections. That Zanu PF narrative has expired. All we Zimbabweans have to do is conduct the biggest engagement effort in our history, in our region and beyond, for this diaspora vote. The listening ears are there, and they are willing to give us a hearing.”

Chief Ndiweni encouraged the Zimbabwean diaspora community to engage the relevant authorities and seek assistance to initiate the diaspora votes for the next harmonised elections.

“This calls for the Zimbabwean diaspora to be active. If the Zimbabwean diaspora does nothing, then nothing will happen. If the Zimbabwean diaspora is active and engages the region, the diaspora will vote in the next elections, bringing in a new civilian opposition government for Zimbabwe,” he said.

“This South African election result will also aid the push for the SADC Tribunal in Namibia to be re-opened, for individuals to seek redress there if their domestic legal systems have failed them. This means that a single individual will be able to challenge a rigged election in the Tribunal and cancel it.

“We must engage and support the new coalition government of South Africa. It will be receptive to our message: diaspora vote, rule of law, democracy. For the first time, Zanu PF finds itself without the protection of a strong ANC government—an ANC that has massive issues on the home front, for its very survival.” CITE


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