Sunday 11 March 2018


Film maker Rufaro Kaseke who recently declared his interest to represent Chitungwiza North constituency as its legislator in the forthcoming harmonised elections became the latest example of artists who are making inroads into ruthless political fray after Energy Mutodi, Bryn Mteki and Hosiah Chipanga among others.   

The outspoken Kaseke, popular for his home made videos he posted on social media attacking the Zanu PF during the reign of former president Robert Mugabe, confirmed the development to this publication.  

“It’s very true. I will stand as an independent candidate for Chitungwiza North constituency. I was motivated by the need to bring fresh thinking into public administration space,” Kaseke said.
“Balancing politics and arts is easy. An artist is who I will always be and running for public office is me giving myself to work for the country.”

Unlike Kaseke, traditional musician and internationally acclaimed sculptor Bryn Mteki aka Sekuru Tau has declared his interests to contest the presidential seat in the forthcoming general elections.
Seukuru Tau told the Daily News on Sunday that unlike other candidates, he is not going to campaign rigorously.

“People know Sekuru Tau as a progressive person hence there is no need for me to launch an aggressive campaign.

“I urge people to just go to the ballot and vote for me and I will deliver, that’s all I can say,” Mteki said.

Mteki is currently into studio working with businessman-cum-politician Philip Chiyangwa on the song to be titled Ndinongovhaira.

“I have been business friends with Chiyangwa back then when I was in America on the level of entrepreneurship, so our relationship dates way back as we both share the same passion of looking for cash.

“I always  look outside the box as I am christened the world renowned artiste  I should show it, hence coming with this surprise packed album the song theme is also in line with celebrating life as successful  people so Chiyangwa and I we are.

“Chiyangwa and I,we are both  successful businessmen, property tycoons and we both have a vast interest in creating billion-dollar business empire. We met in the business circles and our relationship grew both as friends and  business colleges as he had always appreciated  my sculpture and  music before I became a business man,” Mteki said.

Musician, academic and businessman Mutodi is also reportedly eyeing a constituency in Goromonzi under the ticket of Zanu PF in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

The flamboyant musician known for musical albums such as Simbi YaM’dhara (Real Sounds of Africa), Kumasese (Real Sounds of Africa), Sekawo Mbichana, Magetsi Ngaabake, Kuita Kuri Kwenyu, Chimvuramabwe, Ndinorota Landlord, Chidhedhedhe, Ndiri Munzira Kuuya and Ndinokutendai among others is currently studying a PhD in Business Administration at the University of Cape Town and a Bachelor of Laws Degree at the University of Zimbabwe concurrently.

Controversial sungura musician — Hosiah Chipanga who is based in Mutare — told Daily News that he was forced to join politics due to former president Mugabe’s maladministration.

“I never wanted to be a politician but as I yearn for a meeting with Mugabe, I was forced to form my own political party — The Kingdom of God On Earth: Devine Rule On Earth — considering that politics is the only language our leadership understand, not music or gospel — I have tried it before and it doesn’t work,” he said. 

However, some of the artistes only use their music to pursue a certain political agenda without directly declaring their interests in it.

In Zimbabwe it came as a shock that a musician who uses music to pursue a political agenda will ruin their musical career eventually.

Musical careers of talented musicians such as the late Simon “Chopper” Chimbetu, the late Andy Brown, Sani Makhalima and Nonsikelelo plummeted after they became more directly linked to the Zanu PF party. 

In a previous interviews with this publication, arts critic Cont Mhlanga advised artistes to be careful when venturing into politics.

“Whenever musicians take sides it means they have divided their fan base into two or three.
“Once musicians aligned themselves to a political party it means they should only hold concerts in areas where that particular political party has strong support.

He urges musicians to tackle socio-political themes which affect everybody in society and he gave the example of the late Biggie Tembo of the Bundu Boys. 

“The Bundu Boys had a large fan base as the group tackled social politics which affect virtually everybody in the community,” he said.

Musical groups such as Mbare Chimurenga Choir failed to hold concerts outside Zanu PF political gatherings over the years due to the nature of their lyrics. Daily News


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