Friday, 22 July 2022


A MUTARE man had to be locked up for him to regain his composure after attending a court hearing while stone drunk.

Emerson Mukwekwezeke was dragged to Mutare Civil Court by his sister-in-law, Praisemore Mutangidze, who was applying for a protection order against him.

They appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo, who had to order Mukwekwezeke’s detention.

Mutangidze is married to Mukwekwezeke’s brother and there is bad blood between the two.

She argued that Mukwekwezeke disturbs her peace by defecating in a plastic bag early in the morning and leaving it at her doorstep.

The court heard that Mukwekwezeke also urinates in empty beer bottles and throws them through Mutangidze’s window whenever he pleases.

She ends up cleaning the mess.

Mutangidze also said Mukwekwezeke has threatened to stab her in her sleep, adding that she is no longer comfortable staying at the same premises with Mukwekwezeke.

“He uproots my vegetables each time I plant something in the garden. I am pregnant and all I want is peace. I cannot even sleep because of the noise he makes. He insults me and calls me a dog. He needs to solve his affairs with his brother and not to drag me into it,” she said.

Mukwekwezeke denied the allegations, saying Mutangidze and her husband were fabricating stories in their bid to evict him from their family house.

He also accused Mutangidze of assaulting him with a bottle on his forehead, adding that he had to seek medical attention.

However, Ms Gumbo realised that Mukwekwezeke was heavily intoxicated and adjourned the matter. She ordered his detention until he sobered up. Manica Post


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